Please note that ALL decorations give ZERO XP Logo when bought now.
The XP Logo gained information on each decoration's individual page is old data. Thank you!

Basic Decorations
Decoration 1x1 waterflower tn@2x Decoration 1x1 mushrooms blue@2x Decoration 2x2 binocularsstation tn@2x Decoration 2x2 haycart tn@2x Decoration 1x1 airflower tn@2x Decoration 4x4 pond tn v2@2x Decoration 3x3 windmill tn@2x

Update Looking for more basic decorations? See here!

Themed Decorations
Autumn/Fall Decorations
Decoration 1x1 debris smallbush autumn tn@2x Decoration 4x4 newdebris largetree autumn tn@2x Decoration 2x2 debris tree autumn tn@2x Decoration 2x2 newdebris mediumtree autumn tn@2x Decoration 3x3 debris bigtree autumn tn@2x Decoration 2x1 fallbench@2x Decoration 1x1 fall berrybush@2x
Decoration 2x2 fall brancharbor@2x Decoration 1x1 fall lantern tn@2x Decoration 1x1 fall leafpile tn@2x Decoration 2x2 fallpumpkinlantern@2x Decoration 1x1 fall pumpkinwreath tn@2x Decoration 1x1 fall topiary@2x Decoration 1x1 fallvase tn@2x
Halloween Decorations
Candy Stand
Thanksgiving Decorations
Decoration 2x1 hay in bottles@2x
Christmas Decorations
Decorations 1x1 Fire Gifts
New Year's Decorations
Decoration 3x3 balloon arch tn v2@2x
Elder Decorations
Decoration 3x3 elder gate
Dusk/Dawn Decorations
Decoration 2x2 heavenly tree stage3@2x Decoration 2x2 heavenly tree premium@2x
Decoration darkstate Decoration 1x1 duskbeacon
Valentine's Day Decorations
Decoration 1x1 valentine stool right@2x Decoration 2x2 valentine barrel@2x Decoration 1x1 valentine stool left@2x
St. Patrick's Day Decorations
Decoration 1x1 four leaf clover@2x Decoration 1x1 three leaf clover@2x Decoration 1x1 purple four leaf clover@2x
Easter Egg Baskets
Decoration 1x1 Aquaray Egg Decoration 1x1 Aquaveil Egg Decoration 1x1 Bug Egg Decoration 1x1 Cinder Egg Decoration 1x1 Earthquake Egg Decoration 1x1 Flash Egg Decoration 1x1 Magma Egg
Decoration 1x1 Puff Egg Decoration 1x1 Snowbluff Egg Decoration 1x1 Strike Egg Decoration 1x1 Tempest Egg Decoration 1x1 Thunder Egg Decoration 1x1 Tundra Egg Decoration 1x1 Voltleaf Egg
Decoration 1x1 Frostbeam Egg
Mother's Day Decorations
Decoration 1x1 center succulent tn@2x Decoration 1x1 magic succulent one tn@2x Decoration 1x1 magic succulent two tn@2x Decoration 1x1 succulent one tn@2x Decoration 1x1 succulent six tn@2x Decoration 1x1 succulent eight tn@2x Decoration 1x1 succulent five tn@2x
Decoration 1x1 succulent seven tn@2x Decoration 1x1 succulent three tn@2x Decoration Mother's Bouquet Decoration Mother's Flower Decoration Mother's Lilies Decoration Mother's Treat Decoration Mother's Day Gifts
Star Decorations
Decoration Mysterious Gift Decoration Mysterious Telescope
Independence Day Decorations
Decoration 2x2 fireworks tn@2x Decoration 1x1 independenceflower@2x
Android Decorations
Hawaiian Android Statue IceCream Sandwich Statue

Premium Decorations
Decoration 3x3 clocktower tn@2x Decoration 4x4 monstertotem tn@2x

Special Decorations
Decoration 2x1 elementalaltar@2x
Fire Rune Pillar Earth rune pillar edit Plant rune pillar edit Ice Pillar

Limited Decorations
Decoration 4x4 pyramid tn Decoration 2x2 fire imp tn@2x Decoration 1x1 diamonddecoration@2x
Solstice Trophy Decoration 2x2 spectral falcon statue tn@2x Decoration 2x2 olympic statue tn@2x

Social Decorations
Decoration 2x2 socialbutterfly bronze@2x Decoration 2x2 socialbutterfly silver@2x Decoration 2x2 socialbutterfly gold@2x

Premium Decoration Farms
Building 2x2 duskfarm Decoration 3x3 eldergarden tn@2x Decoration 2x2 valentine farm v2@2x Starfarm

Crystal Producers
Decoration 2x2 halloweencrystal tn@2x