Dream Room
Building 4x4 evolutionlab tn@2x Unlocked Level 4
Sells For Cannot be Sold
Build Time 30 Minutes
Quick Finish Cost 1 Diamond
XP Gained 404 XP Logo
Size 4x4
Max. Slots 1 Initially
(4 from Upgrades)


After observing that monsters evolved during a prolonged deep sleep, Phineas Alexander suggested the explorers build a specialized hibernation center known as the Dream Room. Carved into an enormous tree, the building ensures the creatures have the most relaxing and peaceful sleeping situation possible while simultaneously protecting them during hibernation.

Purchase Cost
Icon coin

Additional Slots
Slots iOS Cost Android Cost
2nd Slot 9 Diamond 45 Diamond
3rd Slot 50 Diamond 250 Diamond
4th Slot 150 Diamond 750 Diamond


  • The Dream Room is an original building from the initial release.


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