Flamegust Monster
Flamegust Thumb

Normal: Baby - Teen - Adult - Egg
Mythic: Baby - Teen - Adult - Egg

Unlocked Level 18
Sells For 2,300 Icon coin
Breed/Hatch Time 23 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 23 Diamond
XP Gained 4,410 XP Logo


A vigilant protector of things they hold dear, the Flamegust monsters have been known to protect anything from shiny coins found during a hunt, to the young of those they have formed bonds with. However, make sure to keep anything that sparkles out of reach. You never know when they'll begin guarding them.

Purchase Cost Habitat(s)
175 / 219 / 1,095
Element Fire Element Air

Game Generated Names
This is a list of the randomly generated names that the game give all new monster. You can change the name if desired. Please see this page for more information.
Apollo Ares Ash Astro
Birdie Blazer Breezy Burnout
Buzzer Cloudy Comet Cosmo
Dusty Fire Flare Flicker
Pyro Rusty Siren Sky
Smokey Soar Spitfire Sunspot

Breeding Information
Building 5x5 breedingcave tn@2x
The Flamegust Monster can be purchased for Diamond or bred by using Fire and Air elements in the Breeding Den. Hybrids may be needed for successful breeding. Also see the comment section below for some suggested combos.
Mythic Information
Although hatching a mythic version of the Flamegust Monster is random, your best chance to get one is to breed 2 Flamegust Monster's together. You must have the Mythic Cave on your island in order to get a mythic. You can also use boost to better your chances.

Monster Evolution
Building 4x4 evolutionlab tn@2x
There are 2 stages in which Flamegust Monster will evolve. Before you can reach Level 5, you must evolve your monster from a baby to a teen. The second stage is before reaching level 8 and evolves your monster from a teen to an adult. To evolve your monster you need to place it in the Dream Room. Below is how long it takes the Flamegust Monster to evolve from each stage and the quick finish cost.
Evolve Time Quick Finish Cost
Baby to Teen 12 Hours 12 Diamond
Teen to Adult 34 Hours 34 Diamond

Food Costs per Level
Baby Teen Adult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Food per Feeding 145 295 440 585 730 875 1,020 1,165 1,310 MAX
Total per Level 580 1,180 1,760 2,340 2,920 3,500 4,080 4,660 5,240 MAX
Totals 5,860 Icon food 10,500 Icon food 9,900 Icon food
Icon food Needed for Max. Level 26,260 Icon food

Earning Rates
Baby Teen Adult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Normal 16 17 26 40 57 75 92 106 114 116
Mythic 16 17 27 42 59 78 96 111 119 121


  • The Flamegust Monster was introduced on May 17, 2012, as part of Game Update 1.2.0.