Large Farm
Building 3x3 largefarm tn@2x Unlocked Level 16
Sells For 25,000 Icon coin
Build Time 32 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 32 Diamond
XP Gained 27,746 XP Logo
Size 3x3


As the monster populations diversified and expanded, the need for food rose. Through intense study of Plant monsters, farmers were able to apply their discoveries toward efficient use of the mountain's fertile land. These Large Farms improve food production, allowing horticulturalists to develop exotic new crops.

Purchase Cost
Icon coin

Additional Slots
Level # of Farms Level # of Farms Level # of Farms
Level 1 1 Farm Level 13 5 Farms Level 28 9 Farms
Level 2 2 Farms Level 17 6 Farms Level 31 10 Farms
Level 5 3 Farms Level 23 7 Farms Level 34 11 Farms
Level 9 4 Farms Level 25 8 Farms

Food Production
Type Food Time Cost XP Gained Icon food/Hour XP Logo/Hour
Food artichoke tn@2x Heartichokes 10 Icon food 45s 30 Icon coin 20 XP Logo 800 Icon food 1,600 XP Logo
Food magicmushrooms tn@2x Toadshrooms 70 Icon food 15m 60 Icon coin 140 XP Logo 280 Icon food 560 XP Logo
Food eggplant tn@2x Egg-Plants 120 Icon food 2h 270 Icon coin 240 XP Logo 60 Icon food 120 XP Logo
Food goldenguava tn@2x Golden Guava 310 Icon food 6h 750 Icon coin 620 XP Logo 52 Icon food 103 XP Logo
Food luckylettuce tn@2x Lucky Lettuce 490 Icon food 12h 1,470 Icon coin 980 XP Logo 41 Icon food 82 XP Logo
Food royalradish tn@2x Royal Radish 845 Icon food 1d12h 4,350 Icon coin 1,690 XP Logo 23 Icon food 47 XP Logo


  • The Large Farm is an original building from the initial release.
  • The cost to upgrade to the Premium Farm is 275 Diamond and takes 46 Hours or 46 Diamond for quick finish. You also get 63,721 XP Logo once upgraded.


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