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Monster Count
203 Monsters


Important As of December 20, 2014, there are 203 monsters in the game (including 50 adult evolutions): 9 Main Element, 89 Hybrid, 26 Special, 71 Limited Edition, and 8 Social.

Important As recounted on July 31, 2018, there are 153 monsters displayed on this page (excluding adult evolutions): 9 Main Element, 77 Hybrid, 13 Special, 52 Limited Edition, and 2 Social.

Main Element Monsters
  • Air
    Air Thumb
  • Earth
    Earth Thumb
  • Electric
    Electric Thumb
  • Fire
    Fire Thumb
  • Ice
    Ice Thumb
  • Light
    Light Thumb
  • Plant
    Plant Thumb
  • Shadow
    Shadow Thumb
  • Water
    Water Thumb

Normal Monsters
  • Aquaray
    Aquaray Thumb
  • Aquaveil
    Aquaveil Thumb
  • Aurora
    Aurora Thumb
  • Bayou
    Bayou Thumb
  • Blackice
    Blackice Thumb
  • Bolt
    Bolt Thumb
  • Boreal
    Boreal Thumb
  • Brimstone
    Brimstone Thumb
  • Bug
    Bug Thumb
  • Burst
    Burst Thumb
  • Cinder
    Cinder Thumb
  • Dark Silk
    Dark Silk Thumb
  • Darkbolt
    Darkbolt Thumb
  • Darkscale
    Darkscale Thumb
  • Dawn
    Dawn Thumb
  • Dimspike
    Dimspike Thumb
  • Dusk
    Dusk Thumb
  • Earthquake
    Earthquake Thumb
  • Eeriewood
    Eeriewood Thumb
  • Embershade
    Embershade Thumb
  • Firestorm
    Firestorm Thumb
  • Flamegust
    Flamegust Thumb
  • Flare
    Flare Thumb
  • Flash
    Flash Thumb
  • Flashfreeze
    Flashfreeze Thumb
  • Flicker
    Flicker Thumb
  • Flitter
    Flitter Thumb
  • Flower
    Flower Thumb
  • Flurry
    Flurry Thumb
  • Freeze
    Freeze Thumb
  • Frost
    Frost Thumb
  • Frostbeam
    Frostbeam Thumb
  • Frostember
    Frostember Thumb
  • Frozenflame
    Frozenflame Thumb
  • Goldstone
    Goldstone Thumb
  • Icefloe
    Icefloe Thumb
  • Inferno
    Inferno Thumb
  • Lighthorn
    Lighthorn Thumb
  • Lightswell
    Lightswell Thumb
  • Lightwing
    Lightwing Thumb
  • Lushleaf
    Lushleaf Thumb
  • Luster
    Luster Thumb
  • Magma
    Magma Thumb
  • Mountain
    Mountain Thumb
  • Nightfall
    Nightfall Thumb
  • Pollen
    Pollen Thumb
  • Pond
    Pond Thumb
  • Primavera
    Primavera Thumb
  • Puff
    Puff Thumb
  • Quetzalcoatl
    Quetzalcoatl Thumb
  • River
    River Thumb
  • Seacliff
    Seacliff Thumb
  • Shadefin
    Shadefin Thumb
  • Shockwave
    Shockwave Thumb
  • Silk
    Silk Thumb
  • Slumber
    Slumber Thumb
  • Snowbluff
    Snowbluff Thumb
  • Soar
    Soar Thumb
  • Solarflare
    Solarflare Thumb
  • Sonar
    Sonar Thumb
  • Spark
    Spark Thumb
  • Spitfire
    Spitfire Thumb
  • Sporespark
    Sporespark Thumb
  • Strike
    Strike Thumb
  • Sun
    Sun Thumb
  • Sunspike
    Sunspike Thumb
  • Sunstone
    Sunstone Thumb
  • Surge
    Surge Thumb
  • Tailwind
    Tailwind Thumb
  • Tempest
    Tempest Thumb
  • Thunder
    Thunder Thumb
  • Tree
    Tree Thumb
  • Tundra
    Tundra Thumb
  • Vapor
    Vapor Thumb
  • Voltleaf
    Voltleaf Thumb
  • Windstone
    Windstone Thumb
  • Zephyr
    Zephyr Thumb

Update For the Frozenblaze, Duskfang, Dawnfang, Iceflare, and Wildfreeze monsters, please see the Frozenflame Monster page.

Update For the Goldenhorn, Shadowmare, Duskhorn, and Dawnhorn monsters, please see the Lighthorn Monster page.

Update For the Bloom, Floret, and Posy monsters, please see the Flower Monster page.

Special Monsters
  • Elder Air
    Elder Air Thumb
  • Elder Earth
    Elder Earth Thumb
  • Elder Electric
    Elder Electric Thumb
  • Elder Enigma
    Elder Enigma Thumb
  • Elder Fire
    Elder Fire Thumb
  • Elder Ice
    Elder Ice Thumb
  • Elder
    Elder Thumb
  • Elder Plant
    Elder Plant Thumb
  • Elder Water
    Elder Water Thumb
  • Enigma
    Enigma Thumb
  • Legendary
    Legendary Thumb
  • Special Elder
    Special Elder Thumb
  • Star Elder Fire
    Star Elder Fire Thumb

Update For the Legacy Monsters, please see the Legendary Monster page.

Update For the Elder Monsters, please see the Elder Monsters page.

Update For the Dawn Elder and Dusk Elder Monsters, please see the Special Elder Monster page.

Social Monsters
Friendship Unity
Friendship Thumb Unity Thumb

Update For the Evolution Monster types, please see the Friendship Monster and Unity Monster pages.

Update Also visit the Social Island and Social ID Exchange pages.

Limited Edition Monsters
  • Autumn
    Autumn Thumb
  • Blossom
    Blossom Thumb
  • Blue Joy
    Blue Joy Thumb
  • Blushbug
    Blushbug Thumb
  • Buzzy
    Buzzy Thumb
  • Celestial
    Celestial Thumb
  • Clover
    Clover Thumb
  • Darkburst
    Darkburst Thumb
  • Darkwing
    Darkwing Thumb
  • Devotion
    Devotion Thumb
  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Thumb
  • Ethereal Boreal
    Ethereal Boreal Thumb
  • Evergreen
    Evergreen Thumb
  • Firework
    Firework Thumb
  • Gift
    Gift Thumb
  • Golden Independence
    Golden Independence Thumb
  • Gratitude
    Gratitude Thumb
  • Grimbolt
    Grimbolt Thumb
  • Hallow
    Hallow Thumb
  • Harvest
    Harvest Thumb
  • Hero
    Hero Thumb
  • Holly
    Holly Thumb
  • Independence
    Independence Thumb
  • Lantern
    Lantern Thumb
  • Love
    Love Thumb
  • Luck
    Luck Thumb
  • Marine
    Marine Thumb
  • Memorial
    Memorial Thumb
  • Merry
    Merry Thumb
  • Origin
    Origin Thumb
  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin Thumb
  • Purple Joy
    Purple Joy Thumb
  • Renewal
    Renewal Thumb
  • Sagittarius
    Sagittarius Thumb
  • Scorpio
    Scorpio Thumb
  • Snowdrift
    Snowdrift Thumb
  • Snowstorm
    Snowstorm Thumb
  • Solstice
    Solstice Thumb
  • Special Luck
    Special Luck Thumb
  • Spectral Brimstone
    Spectral Brimstone Thumb
  • Star
    Star Thumb
  • Stardust
    Stardust Thumb
  • Starfire
    Starfire Thumb
  • Steadfast
    Steadfast Thumb
  • Tinsel
    Tinsel Thumb
  • Twinbell
    Twinbell Thumb
  • Umbrage
    Umbrage Thumb
  • Valor
    Valor Thumb
  • Wingwitch
    Wingwitch Thumb
  • Wonder
    Wonder Thumb
  • Wraith Windstone
    Wraith Windstone Thumb
  • Yellow Joy
    Yellow Joy Thumb

Update For Bellows, Gloom, Graveleaf, Grimfreeze, and Phantom, please see Hallow Monster page.

Update For Gift Monster evolutions, please see Gift Monster page.

Update For Adult Joy, Glee and Jubilee, please see either the Blue Joy Monster or the Purple Joy Monster page. The Yellow Joy Monster has no evolutions.