Mythic Cave
Building 4x4 mythiccave tn@2x Unlocked Level 10
Sells For Cannot Be Sold
Build Time Immediate
XP Gained 6,526 XP Logo
Size 4x4


Powerful elemental magic radiates from inside the mysterious Mythic Cave, occasionally affecting the breeding behaviour of nearby monsters. The effects of the cave's power appear to be tied to the so-called "Mythic monster" race; the Mythic eggs they hatch from do not seem to appear without the cave. Much more remains to be known about the ancient site; further exploration is recommended.

Purchase Cost
Icon coin

Additions from 1.2.0 Update
Mythic cave additions
80 Diamond Orb Red
160 Diamond Orb Blue
240 Diamond Orb Green
320 Diamond Orb Purple
The Mythic Orb Represents your increased chance of getting a mythic monster. The Full Orb does not mean a 100% chance of breeding a mythic monster. If you fill up the orb more than once it will change color, and some of your magic will carry over when you get a mythic monster.
  • You can continue to fill for 80 Diamond each time, but the colors just recycle: Red, Blue, Green & Purple.

You just got a mythic egg model When you get this message it means the Orb bonus was used to hatch that Mythic monster. Once this happens that current Orb gets drained fully. If you filled it more than once, then you still have the others. (Example: If you put in 160 Diamond which fills it twice, you would still have 1 full orb.)

  • It takes about 3.24 million Icon coin to completly fill the orb once.
  • A full mythical orb gives a 1:6 chance on mythical monster.
  • A half full orb gives a 1:10 chance on mythical monster.
  • An empty orb will generate a 1:25 chance on mythical monster.
  • Main element mythic that is bred with the same element mythic produces a mythic egg for the same element. This process does NOT use up your mythic boost. Confirmed with Fire and Plant Monsters.
  • Mythic teen monsters of spreeing adults bred with same mythic teen monster produces a mythic egg; mythic boost not used up. Confirmed for Lighthorn.
  • Mythic adult spree bred with the same mythic adult spree produces a mythic egg; mythic boost not used up. Confirmed with Shadowmare.
  • Main element mythic bred with another main element mythic does not guarantee a mythic hybrid.

Important Please note that these odds are based off of a users experiences and may not reflect the actual odds.



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