Small Farm
Building 3x3 smallfarm tn@2x Unlocked Level 2
Sells For 52 Icon coin
Build Time 24 Minutes
Quick Finish Cost 1 Diamond
XP Gained 150 XP Logo
Size 3x3


Explorers discovered monsters feeding on exotic fruits and vegetables such as Cloudberries and Bluff Broccoli. In order to manage and maintain population growth, explorers created farms to cultivate sustainable food sources. As hybrid monsters grew and developed, additional farms were planted to produce a variety of extraordinary crops.

Purchase Cost
Icon coin

Additional Slots
Level # of Farms Level # of Farms Level # of Farms
Level 1 1 Farm Level 13 5 Farms Level 28 9 Farms
Level 2 2 Farms Level 17 6 Farms Level 31 10 Farms
Level 5 3 Farms Level 23 7 Farms Level 34 11 Farms
Level 9 4 Farms Level 25 8 Farms

Food Production
Type Food Time Cost XP Gained Icon food/Hour XP Logo/Hour
Food cloudberries tn@2x Cloudberries 5 Icon food 30s 30 Icon coin 10 XP Logo 600 Icon food 1,200 XP Logo
Food bluffbroccoli tn@2x Bluff Broccoli 20 Icon food 5m 40 Icon coin 40 XP Logo 240 Icon food 480 XP Logo
Food babybananas tn@2x Baby Bananas 40 Icon food 45m 120 Icon coin 80 XP Logo 55 Icon food 110 XP Logo
Food nimbusgrapes tn@2x Nimbus Grapes 90 Icon food 3h 390 Icon coin 180 XP Logo 30 Icon food 60 XP Logo
Food mountmelon tn@2xMountmelon 195 Icon food 8h 990 Icon coin 390 XP Logo 24 Icon food 49 XP Logo
Food plumppumpkin tn@2xPlumpkin 275 Icon food 18h 2,190 Icon coin 550 XP Logo 15 Icon food 30 XP Logo


  • The Small Farm is an original building from the initial release.
  • The cost to upgrade to the Large Farm is 250,000 Icon coin and takes 32 Hours or 32 Diamond for quick finish. You also get 27,746 XP Logo once upgraded.


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